Friday, November 21, 2014

The Jesse Tree

A Jesse Tree is a neat advent (advent means the coming of Christ) activity that you can do with children or even as an adult!  The Jesse Tree has ornaments that symbolize events or people from the creation of the world through the Old Testament all they way up to the birth of Christ.  You could even incorporate the traditional advent candles, too.

Following are some links that show you what others have done as well as links to resources that you can print out or purchase.  

  • I appreciated the information I found on the blog, The Domestic Notebook.
  • These sites provide some liturgical readings, references, and explantions:
  • You can download and print out coloring sheets to laminate, put in little ornament frames for a cohesive look, etc. from the blog, Waltzing Matilda.
  • I've been told you can buy entire sets on Etsy.
  • Another friend said she and a bunch of other families took 1-2 days of the tree and made x amount of the same ornament and then swapped so that everyone ended up with a full set.

Ann Voskamp has written an advent book.  You can also buy ornaments from Dayspring that go along with her readings; the paper are cheaper, but you can also invest in the resin set.

This book just came out this fall and is geared for children.  The pictures are great and there are a lot of parent helps as you lead devotions during Advent.  The inside of your book will give you a link where you can download ornaments to print out, you can buy them from Dayspring (link above), or you could gather your own to go along with the events and people she chose.


For more ideas, click on the Pinterest icon in the sidebar and look at the "Advent Ideas and Traditions" board on my site.  From there, you can begin your own searches and tailor your tree to your preferences.

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