Friday, November 21, 2014

Jesse Tree: My Ornaments, Days 13-25

This is the second part of examples of ornaments that we use on our Jesse Tree.  Here is Part 1.
 {I have a few of these in which I need to add Scripture references....coming soon!}

Day 13:  Ruth
(Ruth 1:6-9, 16; 1:15-2:3)

I had a hard time finding wheat at the craft stores during fall!  A friend finally found some in an old flower arrangement that she gave me.

Day 14: Samuel - The Beginning of the Kingdom
(I Samuel 16:6-7, 10-12)

I bought this at Hobby Lobby.  Their ornaments are usually at least 40-50% off.  I saw several soft styles in multiple colors at Michael's.

Day 15: David - King and Shepherd for the People

I bought a wooden J from Michael's, sawed off the "T" part and then sanded it down a bit before staining it and adding a hook for hanging.  You could also use a harp for David.

Day 16: Isaiah - Light for the People & Holiness
(Isaiah 9:2, 6-7)

photo credit: Crate and Barrel

I purchased a clip-on felt candle from Crate and Barrel.  Their after-Christmas sales are fantastic.

Day 17: Elijah - Threat of False Gods
(I Kings 18:18-24)

I bought plastic brick sheets during Christmas at Michael's and cut it down to fit around a plastic medicine cup.  I broke match sticks and glued those on top.  The "water jar" is a wooden piece found in the wood aisle at Michael's that I painted to have a terra cotta look.

Day 18: Daniel - God's Faithfulness & Deliverance

I bought this paper mache lion on Ebay.

Day 19: Jonah - Obedience
(Jonah 1:1-3, 17; 2:10; 3:1-3)

I made this out of felt from a pattern I drew based on this picture.  This blogger has a lot of great ideas that inspired my selections.  **I found a carved wooden whale I like that I'm going to purchase to replace this one.

Day 20:  John the Baptist - Repentance
(Matthew 3:1-3)

Taken from our stash of souvenir shells from a beach trip.

Day 21:  Mary - Hope for the Future
(Luke 1:28-35,38)

I realize there are two angels and they're singing and they
seem to portray the scene with the Shepherds better...
but I love these little German ornaments and
I just can't find a single angel that I like.
This one was from Ebay.

Day 22:  Joseph - Trust
(Matthew 1:20-23)

I need to spray paint this brown so it looks wooden
as well as attaching a hanger of sorts.  I found
it in the miniature section at Michael's.

Day 23:  Shepherds - For the Least of These
(Luke 2:11-19)

I got this on Ebay, but I also saw one at Tuesday Morning.

Day 24:  Birth of Jesus
(Luke 2)

I picked this up at Tuesday Morning.  I like these German ornaments so much,   I'd do the whole tree with them if they made them!

Day 25:  Magi - Worship
(Matthew 2)

We used a glitter star last year,
but I wanted something a little less glitzy.
I bought this metal star at Michael's and gave it a coat of gold spray paint.

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